Potter Portaits #3: Hagrid (and Norbert)
My third Harry Potter piece is everyone's favorite gentle giant, Hagrid, and his little dragon, Norbert.

If they have a wizard version of the television show Animal Hoarders, then Rubeus Hagrid has been on it (wait - do wizards even have TV sets? I think they don't. Wizards are a little backwards - they even still have newspapers!). Hagrid loves all kinds of animals, but especially particularly dangerous ones: dragons, giant spiders, razor taloned Hippogriffs (Hippogriffs are creatures that are half hippo, half Griffin Dunne).

Hagrid's deadliest catches are only one of the many dangers that face any student attending the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Why any parent sends their kids there with the constant injuries, abductions, monster attacks, and occasional murders is beyond me. Possibly all wizards hate their children and send them off to school in the hopes that they'll be swallowed by a troll or get Voldemorted.

Huge as Hagrid seems next to regular humans, he's only a half giant. Full giants are significantly larger, as we learned when we met his half-brother (but full giant) Grawp. Hagrid's dad was a human and his mom was a giant, which is probably the way it always is with half-giants, or I hope so anyway. I pity the poor human mom who has to give birth to a half-giant baby.

It is now impossible for me to think about Hagrid without hearing the lyrics to the band Harry and the Potters song about him. Hagrid is fun to hug!

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2010 Brodie H. Brockie