These people are my friends (and associates), and they're doing great things. Check them out:

RJ White, who started Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun with me, now edits the forum of fictional urbanism, The City Desk, and hosts a podcast featuring a bunch of drunks talking about random topics called Wasted Words.

The queen of cute art and my sometime comic collaborator Katie Cook shares her art at Katie Can Draw.

Liz Lent runs The Park Bench: A Gathering Place for Nerdy Womand (and Nerdy Men of Discerning Taste).

Emily Meloche is on a mission to review every book, movie, and album (and whatever else comes up) plugged by a guest on The Daily Show in 2010 at The Daily Shill (Emily also stars in Emily Jane and the Magic Hobo over on The Wacky Channel.

My fellow MSU Telecasters alum Aaron Bleyaert blogs about his adventures at BAM: and life on the road with Conan O'Brien at Team Coco.

Another former Spartan Telecaster, Jon Muller, is saving the world as ecology-minded MC, The Green Rapper, and shares his various media skills at JMull Media.

Steve Huey, Shek Baker, and other people that I don't know are counting down the top one-million songs at Top One Million.

Jon Morris makes sure the worst and weirdest of comic book ephemera will never quite be Gone and Forgotten.

Moden day renaissance man Manning Krull displays his mastery of web design, illustration, and multimedia at his personal website, writes about cool stuff in Paris a a site of the same name, and a look at (mostly) Brooklyn at Mostly Brooklyn.

Illustrator Adam Watson likes to draw. You can see his art at The Mighty Adam. Also he likes bugs.

Leonard Pierce writes and writes and writes. He writes at Ludic Kid, The Screengrab, Sadly No, The Onion's AV Club, The High Hat and probably a bunch of other places.

Marie MacGillis sings that old-timey hot music at

Thom "TJ" Johnson is eating his way across Main Street (restaurant-wise, not Godzilla style) starting with Ann Arbor, MI on The Monster Who Ate Down Main Street.

Colleen Macy writes about life in Michigan at The Holland Family Examiner.

Michelle Moreno is an actress, singer, and adventurer living in Los Angeles check her out.

Jeremy Wilcox writes from within the amusement destination business in My Theme Park View.

Ricky Brigante covers Disney and other theme parks on the podcast and website Inside the Magic and blogs about his other interests at Distant Creations.

2010 Brodie H. Brockie